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About us

The Aromatherapy Jewellery with Heart

AromaLove London is aromatherapy jewellery with a difference. Dedicated to supporting health and wellness through the use of essential oils, each piece is a fashion statement unto itself – each unique design created to inspire confidence and accent your personal style while diffusing your favourite scent softly through each day.

Each diffuser necklace is made from surgical grade stainless steel and is 100% nickel free. Our unique one-piece design uses no glues or adhesives that can degrade or corrode, guaranteed to retain its integrity and furnished with a 1 year guarantee for repair and replacement.


Enjoy The Many Benefits of Essential Oils – Anytime, Anywhere

Essential oils have been used for centuries in healing practice. Made from the concentrated extracts of medicinal plants, flowers and herbs, many have healing and healthful properties that go well beyond their heady scents. Though essential oils can be dangerous when used undiluted on the skin, most of their benefits can be enjoyed by diffusion or direct inhalation at full strength. Until recently, essential oils would need to be heated and diffused at home, at the spa or in the office of an aromatherapy practitioner. Diffuser jewellery now makes it possible to get all the benefits of essential oils on the go, safely: at work, at play, or wherever you have the need.

Feeling good radiates from within. The natural confidence you exude has a positive impact on everything in your life, from your personal relationships to your career aspirations and emotional wellbeing in general. With the help of essential oils and a stylistic touch, AromaLove London will be with you, every step of the way.


About the Creator

AromaLove London was founded in 2016 by Manisha Patel, a makeup artist, jewellery designer, artist and creative entrepreneurial soul with a passion for essential oils, style and beauty. She started designing jewellery when she was just a little girl, making and selling friendship bracelets to the other girls in the schoolyard. From that tender age, she realized that design and creation was in her blood. As she grew, this evolved into a deep desire to help women feel good about themselves – something that could be accomplished through fashion, natural remedies and essential oils. Inspired by dreams and fuelled by the need to have a positive impact on the lives of young women everywhere, AromaLove London was born.

When Manisha began using essential oils herself, she was drawn to the idea of diffuser jewellery, but wanted something prettier than the off-the-shelf items that were widely available. Even the higher priced items out there seemed to be lacking in quality, fabricated from metals and adhesives that would corrode and degenerate over time. Wanting to bring her own aesthetic to the aromatherapy jewellery market, she designed her own line of diffuser wearables, adding unique design elements that lend a luxurious feel while offering prices that are often lower than her competitors.

Thank you for taking the time out to read about me and AromaLove London, I hope that you love the products!


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