Christmas shipping dates - Printed goods - AromaLove London

Christmas shipping dates - Printed goods

Christmas shipping dates

The following dates are the latest you can place orders to guarantee arrival for Christmas 2017. They're based on the latest possible shipping dates from our couriers and our own maximum turnaround time of 3 to 5 working days:
christmass-star These dates are for ALL shipping services (Regular, Recorded and Courier).
christmass-star Orders placed before 12 noon GMT on these dates are guaranteed to be shipped in time to arrive with your customer subject to the selected courier delivering in their estimated timeframes.
christmass-star Orders placed after 12 noon GMT on these dates may still arrive with your customer in time for Christmas, but this is not guaranteed.
christmass-star Africa & Middle East - 27th of November
christmass-starAsia, Cyprus, Far East, Eastern Europe (Except Czech Republic, Poland & Slovakia) - 29th November.
christmass-starCaribbean, Central & America - 30th November. 
christmass-starAustralia, Greece, New Zealand & Turkey - 1st December.
christmass-starCzech Republic, Germany, Italy& Poland - 5th December.
christmass-starCanada, Finland, Sweden & USA - 6th December. 
christmass-starAustria, Demark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switerland, Belgium, France Ireland & Luxembourg - 7th Decemnber. 
christmass-starUnited Kingdom - 14th December.