FAQ - AromaLove London




What are diffuser necklaces?

Diffuser necklaces are beautiful lockets that act as your own personal essential oil diffuser.


How do I use my diffuser necklace?

Simply place a few drops (2-3 drops is usually enough for several days) of your favourite essential oil on one of the diffuser pads, place it into the locket and go about your day.


What are the lockets made from?

AromaLove London diffuser lockets are made from surgical grade stainless steel. The silver ones are nickel free, they are hypo-allergenic and safe to wear for anybody. Our rose and gold lockets are plated in 18k gold and may contain nickel. Each locket features a one-piece design: no glues or adhesives to come apart or corrode over time.


What are the diffuser pads made from?

Our diffuser pads are made from felt and are washable, reusable and very hard-wearing. Each pad will hold its scent for several days without need to reapply, ensuring your essential oils get a lot of mileage.


Will the lockets corrode or rust?

Since the lockets are made from stainless steel, they will not corrode or rust. However, lockets that are gold or rose gold plated may show wear and fading over time. Use of certain lotions, perfumes and soaps or extended wear in the shower or swimming pool may accelerate this wear.


Do you make custom designs?

Absolutely! We have a program specifically designed with companies and teams in mind. Please contact us directly for pricing. Minimum bulk order is 100 units. 


How do you ship the orders?

We ship via courier directly from our London offices via Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed. For orders with a US destination, we ship from our US offices. All shipments require a signature for delivery to ensure safe arrival of your items.


Will I need to clean my locket?

Like any quality jewellery, you should clean your locket every once in a while. Wash with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly before re-use. The velvet bag that comes with your necklace is made especially for polishing.


Are the diffuser pads reusable?

You can reuse the diffuser pads as much as you like. You can even add different types of essential oil to the pads to create your own personal blend. When you feel it’s time to change it up, wash them with soapy water and allow to air dry. Do not put in the dryer or use a fabric softener as this may affect the pads’ ability to absorb. You may eventually need to purchase more, but initially they will last a good long time.


Do I have to use different pads with different oils?

Not at all. You may layer oil upon oil as you like – although it is generally a good idea to consult an aromatherapist or an online essential oil glossary to discover which oils might work for you. Oils have different properties, some may be soothing and some invigorating. Do some investigating and then experiment away!


Do you offer a guarantee? What if I am unhappy with my purchase?

All AromaLove London diffuser necklaces come with a one year guarantee. We know that things happen from time to time – if your necklace breaks you are encouraged to return it for a replacement. If you are unhappy with your diffuser necklace or want a refund for an unwanted gift etc, you may return it for a full refund - as long as it has not been used. If you find your product to be defective, please contact us directly via email and we will address each situation on an individual basis.