(99) The Sacral Chakra Diffuser Necklace - AromaLove London

(99) The Sacral Chakra Diffuser Necklace

AromaLove London

Note: The plate with the Sacral Chakra symbol on this necklace is detachable and can be swapped out for other chakra symbols and colours.

The Sacral Chakra influences personal creativity ranging from artistic expression to creative problem solving. Healthy sexual desire and expression is also controlled by the Sacral Chakra, though communicating sexual desires is also directly affected by the Throat Chakra.

Sacral Chakra Location
* Slightly underneath the naval.

Essential Oils for Balancing the Sacral Chakra:
* Bergamot
* Cardamom
* Clary Sage
* Neroli
* Orange
* Patchouli
* Rose
* Sandalwood
* Geranium

Signs of Balance:

* Smooth Creative Flow
* Healthy Sexual Desire
* Positive Outlook

Symptoms of Imbalance:

* Sexual Problems or Dysfunction
* Fear of Sexual or Emotional Intimacy
* Infidelity
* Needy or Withdrawn

* Orange

This set comes includes:

- 9 Orange diffuser pads

- 1 chain (maximum length 20.8 inches)

- One Sacral Chakra symbol front plate 

- AromaLove London branded faux leather gift / storange bag.

The whole piece is made from 100% 316L stainless steel. Stainless steel is tarnish resistant, extremely strong even against the most harshest of oils, and is hypoallergenic.

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