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November 29, 2016

Jewellery with meaning

Beauty, elegance and significance: three elements that go into each AromaLove London wearable aromatherapy diffuser. You may gravitate towards one or another, but whether you do so consciously or not is another story altogether. We are attracted to shapes, colours and styles, sometimes for reasons we may never know. Learning the meanings behind our designs might just give you some insight into that invisible part of yourself that is connected to the universe, your higher self or whatever you choose to call it.

Each design relates to ancient symbolism, sometimes universal and sometimes very specific. Read on to find out more about your favourites:

The Tree of Life

This is one of our most popular designs, and for good reason. It is a widely recognized symbol that represents life itself and all its abundance. It is a well-known image in many different cultures, symbolizing what nourishes us. From its deep roots to the fruit it bears, the tree of life provides nourishment through all stages of our life’s transformations: reaching to the sky to accept the life-giving sunshine, digging deep into the earth to find its elemental energy, and transforming that energy into food that sustains us. When we wear this symbol, we are acknowledging where we come from and honouring our process, embracing all of the physical and spiritual energy that supports our progress and nourishing others in turn.


The dreamcatcher is of Native American origin, and there are as many anecdotes about how the first one came to be as there are tribes. The dreamcatcher symbolizes a native belief that one has good spirit dreams and bad spirit dreams. The legend says that the dreamcatcher filters out the bad spirit dreams, which will self-destruct as soon as the sun rises. Dreams are significant because this is how many people in native culture receive visions and attribute lessons learned. The archetypical dreamcatcher usually has a feather attached to it, down which the good spirit dreams would find their way into your head while you sleep. When you wear the dreamcatcher, you are acknowledging your dreams and bringing them to bear in your waking moments.


The OM symbol is a Sanskrit word whose meaning is difficult to pinpoint: imagine, if you will, a word – a sound, actually – that represents everything that is, yet has its roots in all that is not yet. The word itself is made up of three letters – A, U and M, representing the waking, dreaming and sleeping states of the mind. Often intoned as a chant in yogic practice, it is meant to invoke calm, focus our conscious and unconscious mind, and free us from spiritual obstacles as it gives us glimpses of our true self. Used as a mantra in meditation, OM creates a vibration that penetrates our entire being, connecting the chakras and turning on every cell in the body. Wearing the symbol of OM symbolizes the connection between the cosmic energy (prana) and the nature of your pure self. Turning our thoughts to this interconnectedness will bring us closer as human beings.


The beauty of the ancient lotus flower is undeniable. Its mystery, its dichotomy continues to inspire awe. The Egyptians associated the lotus with rebirth, the sun and creation itself, as the bloom emerges in sunshine and hides itself away in darkness. It also has a connection to death, taking anecdotal evidence from the Egyptian book of the dead, which included spells to change a person into a lotus, thus ensuring their resurrection. In Buddhism, the lotus flower is associated with purity and spiritual awakening. In the Hindu religion, the lotus represents fertility, spirituality, beauty, prosperity and eternity. The quality of the lotus in a person would represent wisdom and spiritual enlightenment, someone who carries out their tasks selflessly, without need for reward. When you wear the lotus, you acknowledge that there is much yet to be learned, and in so doing open yourself up to the teachings of others, of life and the experiences yet to be had.

The Flower of Life

One of the most ancient symbols, its origins can be traced to pre-Egyptian times. While there are many artistic interpretations of the flower itself, the most common is comprised of nineteen interconnected circles, each forming their own flower-within-a-flower. These circles are encased inside one big circle, and within the larger diagram can be found many equally significant symbols. The Kabbalah tree of life is derived from the flower of life. Considered a symbol of sacred geometry, it is said to depict the fundamental structures of space and time. To wear the flower of life is to acknowledge that there is a mathematical reason for our existence, and that in the big scheme of things, we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

AromaLove London

While these are just a few of our most popular designs, we wanted to share some thoughts with you about how they came to be included in our collection. Each diffuser necklace or bracelet features a pendant with one of these designs, each one a statement on our connection to the spiritual realm and all that it means. Through these symbols, we connect with parts of ourselves that go far beyond the mundane, and even if we don’t realize it, our subconscious still reaches for the familiar – for those things that just make sense, even if we can’t explain why.

If you would like to learn more about our jewellery or our creative process, browse our site and see which design speaks to your soul. You might well be closer to your higher self than you could even imagine.

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