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December 07, 2016

Spotlight: Lava beads, crystals and chakras!


The seven chakras are points in our bodies from which vital energy flows: the emotional, spiritual and physical energies that we receive and transmit all emanate from these points. The balance, vitalization and clearing of these centres is the ideal state for optimal wellbeing, and this can be accomplished through the use of crystals, semi-precious stones, colour and light. As you become more conscious of the location and properties of each of the body’s chakras, you can begin to incorporate this awareness into your everyday life, the ultimate goal to connect our physical and spiritual energies with our environment in order to support the wellness of our whole being. 


The Seven Chakras


The seven chakras are located in very specific areas of the body. If you were to map them out in a diagram, they form the foundation of the Kabbalistic tree of life. 


1st chakra: located at the base of the spine, the first chakra is also known as the root chakra. It is stabilizing and grounding, a point of focus for physical energy and security. Its colours are red and black, and the corresponding stones to focus its energy include obsidian, garnet, hematite, bloodstone, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, fire agate, jet and zircon. 


2nd chakra: the sacral chakra, located just below the navel. Its colours are orange and blue-green, its energies include creativity, desire, sexuality, reproduction, intuition and emotion in general. Stones that relate to the second chakra include turquoise, carnelian, orange calcite, copper and imperial topaz. 


3rd chakra: located at your solar plexus, just below the breast bone, its colour is yellow and its energy focus is personal power, intellect, ambition and protectiveness. Stones associated with the third chakra include citrine, amber, yellow jasper and tigers eye. 


4th chakra: also known as the heart chakra, located in the very centre of the chest. Its related energies include compassion, emotional balance, love and universal consciousness, and its colours are pink and green. Stones used to balance the fourth chakra include rose quartz, malachite, jade, green aventurine and some types of tourmaline. 


5th chakra: also known as the throat chakra, is located at the neck and just above the collar bone. Its colour is blue and its energy includes divine guidance, communication and expression. Stones we use to balance the fifth chakra include sodalite, celestite, blue turquoise, blue chalcedony, aquamarine and amazonite. 


6th chakra: also known as the ‘third eye’, this chakra is located in the centre of the forehead, just above the eyebrows. Its colour is indigo and its energy is spiritual, light, psychic and intuitive power. Its related stones are lapis lazuli, azurite and tanzanite. 


7th chakra: the crown chakra is located at the very top of the head. Its colours are violet and golden-white, and its energy focus is enlightenment, energy, balance, perfection and cosmic consciousness. Its related stones are amethyst, quartz crystal, white topaz, white calcite and Herkimer diamond. 


Chakra Jewellery


Chakra jewellery is worn to aid in opening, balancing and healing the chakras, with the ultimate goal of bringing them all into harmonious balance. Each stone helps to magnify or balance the energy centre of focus, and though each colour and the stones themselves have their own unique energy, you should always consider which ones resonate most with you for best results. Take a look at the lists of stones associated with each chakra and see which ones speak to you most clearly. You may notice you are attracted to one more than another, or it might be as clear as a tingling sensation felt when you hover your hand over the stone. Some say they ‘just know’, others may feel a more physical response. 


Energy is magnified and channelled through the stones you wear, connecting in resonance with the frequency of the chakra you are working with. Always remember that the nature of the stone is magnified by the clarity of your intention, so it is wise to choose carefully. 


For best results, cleanse and recharge your stones before and after wearing. This can be accomplished by leaving the stone in salt water overnight, leaving them under the sun or the moon for the day or night, or smudging with sage. 


Other Stones used in Spiritual Cleansing and Healing 


There are many natural stones and semi-precious stones used in spiritual healing and balancing; the lists above only cover a microcosm of what is available. Personal experimentation is encouraged to find the ones that work best for you. 


Lava Stone


Lava rock or lava stone is a substance that doesn’t make it onto many lists of healing stones, but its use in holistic practice goes back thousands of years. Found all over the world, it may not be the ‘prettiest’ stone you can find, but its energies and properties are well known. For its ability to balance emotional energies, it is unparalleled. Emotion is associated with fire energy, and the fact that lava stone is a product of fire that comes from deep in the earth is significant. It is considered to be a stone of rebirth, assisting in the process of shedding layers of emotional hurt and unhealthy attachment. It is also great for stabilizing the root chakra, helping us to remain calm in stressful situations. While recommended to be worn in direct contact with the skin, lava stone can also be used in rooms to help maintain emotional and energetic balance. 




Malas are used in spiritual practice to help keep count of mantras during meditation. Generally, malas consist of 108 beads, though some are made with 18, 27 or 54, depending on the culture and origin of the practice. Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism are among the religions that use malas in their meditative prayer and practice. Most always made from lava stone or lava stone and a combination of other stones, if you meditate or are thinking about starting a meditative practice, a mala is a powerful tool. 


AromaLove London: Healing stones and Malas


For those of us who choose to live a spiritual life, or for those who continue to strive for balance in their daily existence, the introduction of healing crystals, semi-precious stones and malas can help focus our efforts towards positive change. The combination of aromatherapy, meditation and focused chakra work can be a transformative and powerful force in this practice, but only you can determine what will work best for you. AromaLove London’s exclusive selection of malas and aromatherapy diffuser jewellery are not only beautiful and unique, they are a practical force for emotional and physical wellbeing. Great as a gift for someone you care about, or to treat yourself to something wonderfully restorative and beautiful. Browse our selection today, or drop us a line to learn more: your inner peace awaits!

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