Top 10 Benefits of using an Exclusive AromaLove London Diffuser Neckla

October 14, 2016


Essential oils have always played an important role in the history of natural healing. As far back as ancient Egypt, we have known of their soothing, healing and mood-enhancing properties. Since then, their use for many continues to be a component of healthful living.

Here, we have compiled our top ten list of benefits that can be derived from using an AromaLove London Diffuser Necklace – just in case you needed a few great reasons to try one!

  1. Improved state of emotional and physical wellbeing: essential oils can elevate the mood, energize the body and calm the worried mind. Wearing your AromaLove London diffuser necklace will help you carry this feeling throughout the day.
  1. Look great and feel confident: there is a reason they are called ‘luxe’! these beautiful necklaces are gorgeously styled and will compliment your entire wardrobe.
  1. Stainless steel design: AromaLove London diffuser necklaces are 100% nickel-free stainless steel. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic, tarnish proof and durable under the most challenging conditions. Able to maintain its integrity against even the most powerful of essential oils.
  1. Solid back design: you will never have to worry about your AromaLove London diffuser necklace leaking essential oils. Our one-piece, solid back design means there is no glue to be compromised by the oil and therefore no chance of leakage.
  1. Carry scents with you all day: no need to reapply your favourite scent as you can carry it with you all day long! Try a different scent every day – the subtle fragrance stays close to you, but will come across as subtle to anybody but your nearest and dearest. Just a few drops will last you all day long.
  1. Use essential oils at full strength without contact with the skin: as we all know, essential oils must be diluted heavily before coming in contact with the skin. Many oils are quite caustic if used undiluted, and citrus oils are phototoxic – meaning they can cause severe skin damage if direct skin contact is followed by sun exposure. Your AromaLove London diffuser necklace allows you to use any oil you like without the worry of skin irritation.
  1. Quickly absorbed through the lungs: there are three methods of using essential oils: inhaled through diffusion, topically or internally. Taking essential oils internally is not recommended unless under the direction of a qualified medical professional certified in aromatherapy; topical application is safe when dilution protocols are closely followed. Inhaling by diffusion, fortunately, provides benefits that are comparably effective: taken into the lungs, their healing molecules make their way into your bloodstream instantly, providing immediate benefits.
  1. Beautiful designs: no matter what your style, whether you’re boho chic, hipster retro, office professional or glamour personified, AromaLove London has a necklace diffuser for you. We have designed our diffused necklaces with femininity in mind, using elegant semi-precious stones, beads and diffuser pendants that guarantee compliments! With many fashionable designs to choose from, you’ll be covered from your morning meeting to the dance floor.
  1. Functional and fashionable: not just another piece of jewellery, you can have your meditative moments all day long while looking great in the process. Each AromaLove London diffuser necklace comes with extra diffuser pads in assorted colours. Match the colour to your outfit to punctuate your style.
  1. Customizable to your style or mood: additional charms are included with each AromaLove London diffuser necklace – so beautiful, in fact, they could even be worn on their own if you didn’t want to diffuse that day. Simply remove the diffuser pendant and mix and match your charms to complete your look.


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