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November 30, 2017


Our chakras are the wheels of energy that correspond with major nerve centres in the body, keeping our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health in harmony. There are seven main chakras aligned to the spine, and if one of them is off kilter, we can experience dis-ease. When we wear symbols of the different chakras or the colours associated with them, we begin to vibrate with the energy of those frequencies bringing healing to our systems. When you combine the power of essential oils with chakra symbols and colours, you are actively encouraging vibrant health.


The idea is to keep our life force energy flowing by eradicating blockages built up by stagnation and imbalance. When we wear the colour associated with the chakra that is out of balance, we can draw healing energy into the affected area. We are often inexplicably drawn to the colours that we require to create balance in our systems –particularly the endocrine glands.


  • First Chakra: Red

By wearing red clothing items, jewellery or accessories, you allow for a feeling of stability in your life. It assists with connection to family and your ‘roots’

  • Second Chakra: Orange

Dressing in orange colours will help you to navigate change especially in relationships. It encourages adventurous self-expression, sexuality, sensuality, and creativity.

  • Third Chakra: Yellow

A splash of yellow in your wardrobe or jewellery will bring about inner confidence and resilience. Can ignite positive self-esteem.

  • Fourth Chakra: Green

Green clothing or accessories help you to open yourself up to giving and receiving love. It also alleviates heartache and sorrow.

  • Fifth Chakra: Blue

Adorning ourselves in the colour blue promotes authentic communication and self-expression. It also ensures better listening skills.

  • Sixth Chakra: Purple/Indigo

Wearing purple clothing or jewelry encourages making wise decisions and improves your connection to the environment. You have more insight into your actions.

  • Seventh Chakra: White

Wearing white promotes clarity and enhances the connection to self.


Chakra Symbol Support


The seven symbols associated with each chakra are complex patterns that defy conscious, intellectual understanding but work deep into our unconscious minds to focus our energy to support chakra health. When you wear one of these symbols, you are effectively helping the chakra by aligning with its inherent healing properties. The goal is always to balance your entire chakra system even when you are concentrating on supporting just one area.

When you use one of these potent chakra symbols in a piece of jewellery, you are taking your healing chakra support with you wherever you go. If that piece of jewellery is also an essential oil diffuser, you are multiplying the healing effect. Essential oil aromatherapy promotes optimal chakra functioning.


For example:

  • Nutmeg reinvigorates an under achieving first chakra
  • Patchouli and Vetiver soothes and calms an overly active first chakra
  • Cardamom ignites the sensuality of the second chakra
  • Ylang Ylang and Neroli softens an overstimulated second, sacral chakra
  • Sweet Orange and Sandalwood promote well functioning of the second chakra
  • Eucalyptus can invigorate the third chakra as well as Juniper Berry
  • Helichrysum can calm down a third chakra imbalance
  • Grapefruit essential oil can be used to balance the third chakra
  • To open a blocked fourth heart chakra, use Palmarosa essential oil
  • Lavender can be used to ease the tension in the fourth chakra while Geranium will keep this chakra functioning well.
  • To activate a slow fifth throat chakra, use Lemon essential oil
  • Roman Chamomile will calm down an imbalance in the fifth chakra
  • Coriander promotes expression in the fifth chakra
  • To keep the sixth chakra open you can use Rosemary essential oil
  • Frankincense will balance the sixth, third eye chakra
  • Vanilla can be used to calm the crown chakra


A diffuser necklace is an ideal way to wear a healing chakra symbol in a chakra colour of your choice with the additional support of a relevant essential oil. You can wear this chakra healing wonder anywhere you go. You can inhale the beautiful, natural scent of the essential oil while the symbol and chakra colour can get to work on a deep level of your unconscious being, to bring you ease and optimal functioning of your entire chakra system. Diffuser necklaces give you three powerful ways to maintain chakra functioning and promote health and overall well being all rolled into one.

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